I- Subject and Extent of Cover: 

The insured capital set in the Schedule is owed to the death of insured, but only if this death occurs before due date of the contract.
Premiums are owed in due date, until the death of the insured, or at the latest until the due date of the contract.
The underwriter covers the insured person from the risk of death whatever the reason is exceptions are listed below:
Suicide: Insurance, in case of death, is null and void if the insured has deliberately committed suicide. However, the insurer shall pay to legal personal representatives an amount equals to the amount of mathematical reserve.
If unconscious suicide of the insured, the insurer shall pay the amounts set in the contract. The evidence of the suicide of the insured devolves upon the underwriter, that of the unconsciousness of the insured to the beneficiary of insurance.
Aircraft:the insurer covers the risks inherent in flights performed by the insured party as an ordinary passenger provided that the pilot and the appliance are supplied with regulatory license.In case of death due to air crash occurred in a non covered case, the insurer is only required to pay the mathematical reserve of the contract.
War: In case of war, the policy cover will have effects only under the conditions which will be mentioned by legislation in order to intervene in life insurance in the period of war.

II- Cancellation: 

The contract may be cancelled by the underwriter before its normal due date in case of noticing misrepresentation before the occurred loss followed by a refusal of an increase in the premium.
When the policyholder is entitled to cancel the contract, he may do it either by notary bailiff, or by registered letter to the registered office or to one of its representatives
The cancellation by the underwriter shall be notified to the policyholder by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt addressed to his last known domicile.


19 Apr 2024

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