I- Subject and Extent of Cover:

The underwriter ensures the glasses, marbles and other objects listed in the Schedule against breakage caused either by an act of the insured, his/her agents, employees or members of his/her household, either by an act of recklessness or malice of the Third Party, either by settling of buildings or by throwing out any object, either due to brawl.

II- Exclusions

Redeemable Exclusions
Excluded from the coverage of the said policy except special agreement and for aditional premiums damage resulting from:
a- Strikes, riots or popular movements. It belongs to the underwriter to prove that damage results from one of these events.
b- The shock resulting from the crossing of the “Wall of Sound” by an aircraft  travelling.
c- Storms, hurricanes, waterspouts, hurricanes or cyclones.
d- Theft or attempted theft. The burden of proof rests with the underwriter.
e-  Hailstorms.
Absolute Exclusions
Are always excluded:
a- Damage occurring during any work other than those of simple cleaning, performed on insured items, on the frames, fittings, or foundations or fences or during their installation, removal, transfer or storage.
b- Damage caused by defect maintenance of frameworks or bases.
c- Damage, caused to the policyholder, resulting from disorder, delay or interruptionwhich the damage and/or their repair could bring in its business.
d- Damage consisting of stripes, nicking or flaking of the insured items or deterioration of their silver or paintings.
e- Damage resulting from fire or explosion of any kind.
f- Damage caused by an earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, tidal wave or the fall of lightning.
g- Damage due to direct or indirect effects of explosion, of heat, of irradiation coming from the accumulation of atomic nuclei or of radioactivity, as well as losses due to radiation effects caused by the artificial acceleration of particles.
h- Bodily injuries and property damage caused to the Third Party by fall of rubbish.

III- Cancellation of a Contract

The contract may be cancelled:
1. By the “Policyholder” and the “Underwriter”:
At the end of each policy year, in terms of time and form prescribed by Article 14 of this contract.
2. By the Underwriter:
a- If the insured does not pay the premium and in terms of time and form prescribed by Article 9 of the Insurance Code.
b- In case of increase in risk during the contract, if the insured does not accept the increase in premium which is offered to him by the insurer, interms of time and form prescribed by Article 9 of Insurance Code.
c- In case of increase in risk during the contract, such that, if the new circumstances had existed with the subscription or the renewal, the insurer would not have planned to contract (Article 9, paragraph 3 of the Insurance Code).
3. By the Policyholder:
If the insurer does not agree with the reduction in premium equivalent to the reduction of risks during the contract, in terms of time and form prescribed by Article 9 of the Insurance Code.
4. With full legal right:
In case of total loss of the thing insured, resulting from an unanticipated event by the contract (Article 9 of the Insurance Code).
In case of cancellation during a period of insurance, the premium portion accruing to posterior period in cancellation is not acquired to the underwriter. It must be reimbursed to the insured, if it is perceived in advance.


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